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Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells! No Spirit Yet? Here’s How This Soca Artist’s Keeping The Spirit Alive.

Dec 14, 2021 | 0 comments

Seems like these days everyone’s complaining that the Christmas spirit that’s a usual ‘must feel’ annually, just isn’t there. In the Caribbean, trees are lit- yes, some people are flocking to the malls and shopping centres, but it’s not with the usual enthusiasm. Many are without jobs in this Covid era, but Soca artist, Jadel told Power102 Digital that no matter what, the traditions of Christmas and the energy that the season brings, should not be lost.

Jadel is excited about Christmas.

The young mother of a 3-year-old little girl, said she’s had her Christmas spirit since November, having decorated her Christmas tree early and placed lights around her home. She even created a beautiful makeshift fireplace as her little girl is firmly of the belief that Santa comes down the chimney to deliver presents each year. “There’s never going to be the absence of the Christmas spirit at my house. I have to keep that spirit alive for my daughter, no matter what,” Jadel said.


  1. Her Christmas tree went up before December.
  2. She built  a chimney out of styrofoam and old diaper boxes, because her baby believes Santa comes down from the chimney to deliver presents.
  3. Her daughter’s entire outdoor play area has been lit and decorated in the spirit of the season.
  4. She has her ponche-de-creme, pastels and fruit cake done!
  5. “I have been playing parang music and only looking at Christmas shows since November.”
  6. “I have been reading Christmas stories that tell of the true meaning of Christmas, to my daughter.”

Jadel recently got some great news so added to the joy of the Christmas season, she’s very happy. Her music video for her single, ‘Deserve It All,’ has been spotted and is on rotation internationally, on BET Jams. The music video first got its highlight by MTV Africa and has amassed over 3 million views in 6 months. She’s grateful, to say the least.

Jadel says above all else, Christmas is about giving and so she’s urging folks to just share with each other at this time of year. “It’s good to make sure that those we love and our neighbours are all happy and they have a taste of the season. Even if that means dropping a little parcel with fruit cake, ham and other treats, and sharing what you have. That’s what Christmas is truly about!”

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