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6 Sure Ways to Make Your Lover Smile Today.

Some say chivalry is dead but over here, we disagree. It’s all in the mind or for some people, in the emotions. The trick to acing this Valentine’s Day thing is to live in the moment.

Sadly, we’ve become a pretty pessimistic society. We want to get rid of everything, especially those simple and effective ways of showing love and adoration. Women have become overly independent and of course, the effect of that is that men have lost their footing. Poor guys don’t have a clue of what’s acceptable and what’s not, what’s necessary and what’s optional. So, here’s what! In the spirit of love on this day, we invite you guys to shed the load, take a trip down memory lane when life was simpler and Valentine’s Day was actually anticipated for weeks by men and women who simply wanted to show their main squeeze just how radical their love for them was. Let’s ditch the idea – even if it’s just for this year, that it’s all a commercial thing and “we need to show our partners just how much we love them, year round.” Yeah, we get that, but listen, IT’S VALENTINE’S DAY!

Here are 6 sure ways to make your lover smile this Valentine’s Day:

  • Breakfast may have passed already and your lover may have left for the day. There’s still dinner though! Think about that absolute favorite meal they love that you haven’t whipped up in a long time. If you’ve got kids, maybe have them go over to the grandparents house for the night. Come on! You’ve got time still! Keep it simple but romantic. Music is important to ensuring the mood’s set and if you’ve got some time, get yourself some new lingerie ladies. Let’s make tonight special and remember to tell your man/woman just how much you love ’em.
  • Send your boo a sexy What’s App voice message and list 10 reasons you love him/her. Make it sensual and sexy – not typical like,     “because you take out the trash.” Try something like, “I love the way you hold me.”
  • Greet your man with a massage when he comes home this evening ladies. Men are often the ones called upon to massage women’s feet and their sore limbs. How about getting a bottle of wine and some scented candles. Firing things up in the bedroom just before he’s expected home and when he arrives at the door, greet him with the surprise of a glass of wine and the promise of something pleasurable in the bedroom. Before things get too heated in the bedroom, give that man a massage. He’ll love you for it!
  • Gentlemen, women love gifts at Valentine’s. Chocolate and flowers are beautiful, but jewelry always hits the spot. The thing is, jewelry can be very expensive so if your pocket won’t allow for the expense this Valentine’s Day, consider an alternate option. A woman loves to feel like a lot of thought went into getting her a present. A handmade artisan item – even jewelry that’s less expensive can score you some points and you can top it off with a little night out at one of the country’s safe-zone restaurants.
  • Now, the idea behind Valentine’s Day is love. It’s all about expressing to your partner, just how much you care. Think about a song you may have shared a dance with in the past and pull it off of YouTube. Send that song with a voice note that takes your partner down memory lane, describing down to the smallest detail of that moment you danced to that song. That memory is guaranteed to make him/her smile.
  • Finally, for those couples who find it really hard to communicate their feelings, the right music can help you 100%. This evening, when you guys are at home and (if there are kids in the house), the kids have gone to bed, select a 90’2 RnB playlist on YouTube, and share some time together. There’s nothing more underrated in a relationship than simply, TIME SPENT TOGETHER.


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