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Visiting Trinidad? Here Are Three of the REALEST Things They Never Told You About Maracas Bay.

Every island in the Caribbean will boast about what makes their part of the world, the most appealing. From the authentic island cuisine to the flora and fauna, and not mention, the carnivals, each Caribbean island is unique and beautiful to experience. In Trinidad and Tobago however, the world popular, Maracas Bay is enjoyed for reasons that many would hardly ever list on a tourist brochure. Now, that’s not to say that the Bay isn’t a sight to behold, but it’s hardly the typical ‘white sand, aquamarine’ picture that’s almost always painted for tourists by other island destinations. In Trinidad, Maracas boasts a broader, realer experience that’s captivating in a different kind of way.

Trinidad and Tobago’s multi-ethnic makeup is ideally one of the descriptive phrases that doesn’t sell dreams. It’s a fact that a visit to this part of the hemisphere would bring any tourist into contact with a smorgasbord of cultural experiences that’s delivered in the food that’s served up, the festivals that are showcased, the holidays that are observed and the rituals that are practiced. From religion to culture, this twin island’s make-up provides the perfect package of globally inclusive fun and a trip to Maracas Bay always solidifies the experience.



  • Almost everyone would probably kick it off with the now popular, Bake n Shark, but we won’t! First up on this list is : Uncle Sam’s Beachside Bar. You see, while a bar is nothing new to a Caribbean beach aesthetic, this particular hang out at Maracas Bay’s easterly space is truly an expression of what makes a Trinidadian notably different from any other islander. It’s easy going appeal is proud yet humble, inviting but not in the touristy sense. No, there are no fancy cigarette ashtrays here or h’ordeuvres to be ordered from a fancy beach bar menu. This is all strictly Trini- a space where the tourist, the sightseer, the surf chaser, can un-learn the traditional ways he’s been taught to behave in modern world settings, and instead, unwind, relax, have a Carib or Stag- whichever he prefers, while simply chilling out to the sound of soca or invariably, Jamaican dancehall styles that are commonplace in Trinidad.


  • What are the odds of basking in the hot Caribbean sun, oiled to perfection beneath a coconut tree, drink in hand and tuned in to the sound of the surf, only to be met by a man with an enormous snake in tow. That’s part of the Maracas Bay aesthetic, believe it or not! There’s this one guy who’s a native to the area, who’s well known for his unannounced visits to the beach. He’s always got his pet snake draped across his shoulders and it’s often quite the spectacle. Bet no other island paradise can boast of that! Let’s see St. Lucia top that lol! Now, many who’ve visited T&T will attest to meeting this gentleman on the sand at Maracas and even being able to hold the gigantic serpent just long enough to get a quick pic. So, the next time you visit, be sure to be on the look out for the snake man. He almost always shows up!


  • Last but not least, for the unsuspecting tourist visiting Trinidad for the first time, it would be horrible of us, not to enlighten you on the reality of your first visit to Maracas Bay. This is not the beach where your order will be taken as you sit on your lounge chair and the cocktail waiter return to you with that ever resplendent, tumbler or wine glass, embellished with fresh fruit and that splash of Angostura bitters. No… this is not the place. Try Tobago. Here, at Maracas Bay, we bask in our truth. We are always thrilled to show you our authentic way of life, complete with the Trini accent and our loose jokes. Fearlessly but observantly become one with all that you come into contact with- the coconut vendor who probably got absolutely no permission from the authorities to sell on the beach, the children peddling limes, pineapple chow and whatever else is in season at the time, the passing singer who strums a guitar for a ‘small change’ in return… it’s all a part of the seaside aesthetic that’s unique to Trinidad’s Maracas Bay. Beautiful by all standards it is, but beyond what’s often shared, the truth is, Maracas Bay’s authentic beauty lies in the vibe of the people and that will never change.


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