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TTPS Multi-Agency Task Force To Crackdown On Illegal Quarrying And Squatting In East Trinidad.

Oct 7, 2021 | 0 comments

The Police Service is moving to increase the number of charges on conductors of illegal quarrying and squatting on State lands.

The warning comes following a meeting with Acting Commissioner of Police, Mc Donald Jacob, the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service Executive and the Sangre Grande Regional Corporation Chairman, Anil Juteram, Chief Executive Officer, Betty-Ann Dial, and their twelve Councilors to address issues of crime and criminality within the Corporation.

In a media release, Acting Commissioner Jacob said the TTPS will tackle squatting and illegal quarrying and introduced ASP Haynes from the Multi-Agency Task Force with responsibility for monitoring illegal quarrying and the unlawful development of communities.

This Unit is specially trained and works with the Land Settlement Agency and other related agencies.

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