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The Trade Union Movement Celebrates Freedom Day With Scaled-Down Motorcade.

Sep 1, 2021 | 0 comments

The trade union movement celebrated Freedom Day, on Wednesday, with a small motorcade comprising only the leaders of the movement.

In accordance with the State of Emergency and Covid-19 protocols, the movement did not encourage anyone to join the activity.

SWWTU President General, Michael Annisette, promised that the movement will follow the law as he thanked his comrades for banding together for what he described as a historical event.

Speaking before the motorcade, Mr Annisette decried what he said was the politicization of vaccines and attempts at forced vaccination by employers

The Trade Unions said that it intended to use the motorcade to highlight issues such as mandatory vaccination, non-negotiation of salaries, massive job losses, loss of income, increased food prices, increased rent, increased cost of household items, reduction in NIB pensions, increased electricity rates, increased water rates, increased fuel prices and privatization.

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