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Trinidad and Tobago’s pioneer Talk Show addressing adult-related issues
from sexual health, and relationships, to matters in the bedroom.

Join Dr. Raj (Dr. Raj Ramnanan, sexologist and sex therapist) and his co-hosts “the Angels” for a Talk Show, unlike any other. We know you have questions about relationships and sex, and Dr. Raj, one of the few qualified Talk Show hosts on these matters, has all the answers.
This interactive program will allow you to have access to professional information as well as be entertained with the ever-interesting and seductive Angels.

Dr. Raj runs a host of clinics and adult entertainment centers, find out more from his professional site at drrajthesexologist.com

SexPlosion airs every Friday from 4pm till 6pm

content suited for MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY

How to get your questions answered or to take part in the show

It is simple – use our online form below, call us at 222-8255 or send a What’sApp message to Dr. Raj

You can listen to past programs below

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