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Point-a-Pierre MP Calls On Heritage Petroleum To Be More Proactive In Clean Up Efforts.

Aug 16, 2021 | 0 comments

Heritage Petroleum Company Limited is being urged to take immediate action to alleviate any damage, destruction or inconvenience which has been caused due to an over-flown oil pit, resulting in oil within Sunday’s floodwaters that affected properties and vegetation within the communities of Carapal Village, Palo Seco as well as Happy Valley, Erin.

The appeal comes from Member of Parliament for Pointe-a-Pierre, David Lee.

MP Lee said it is imperative the company work with the lease operator Jasmine Oil and Gas Operations not only to provide clean-up efforts in accordance with accepted standards but ensure adequate compensation is provided to affected residents who have faced property or other damages and inconveniences as a result of this occurrence.

In a media release the Opposition MP said Heritage must also use this situation as a wake-up call to work with this company as well as all other lease operators, contractors and divisions to ensure its infrastructure whether on or offshore is up to standard.

MP Lee said this is the second occurrence within as many weeks of an oil spill affecting the general public.

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