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PM Rowley makes an urgent plea for T&T to be vaccinated

Jul 31, 2021 | 0 comments

Prime Minister Dr.Keith Rowley made an impassioned plea for Trinidad and Tobago to be vaccinated as soon a possible. The PM highlighted Trinidad and Tobago’s approach to managing then covid situation with the threat of the Delta variant being one for grave concern given the situation in jurisdictions around the world.

Dr. Rowley went into detail about the available vaccines in T&T which are WHO approved. He said the CMO’s information showing that 99% of vaccinated persons are those who avoid illness and death from covid 19.
The health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh outlined the progress made in the national vaccination drive so far. Minister Deyalsingh said that so fat 28% of the population or 388,805 persons have received their first dose.

He also said that 194, 710 persons received their full dosage. The health minister said the aim is to vaccinate 620,000 more people, with August projected as an important month for vaccinations in Trinidad and Tobago. Minister Deyalsingh also said that while initially the drive had 15,000 persons being vaccinated daily, that number had dropped to about half (7500) daily. He asked the citizens to avail them selves of the vaccines.

Prime Minister Rowley pleaded with the population to get vaccinated as this country only defence against the virus. he said with the Delta variant’s arrival inevitable in T&T, this government has at least 1.2 million doses for the country so far.

Dr. Rowley also referenced the retail sector which is yet to be reopened. he also said he was mindful that bar owners have had their businesses limited for a protracted period, and he has asked the finance minister to look at ways to provide support to that sector.

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