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Place More Focus On Youth And Small Business Development Ahead Of Upcoming Budget Urges An Opposition MP.

Sep 20, 2021 | 0 comments

Member of Parliament for Princes Town, Barry Padarath, is calling on the government to place focus on youth and small business development ahead of the 2022 budget.

MP Padarath who is the Opposition shadow Minister for the Ministry of Youth Development and National Service said he wished for the government to place a focus on youth development with respect to job creation, incentives for small business development and creating sustainable opportunities for young people.

MP Padarath said this is needed especially at a time when the pandemic has placed an additional burden and stumbling block in the way of the livelihoods and careers of many young people.

The Opposition MP said the Ministry of Youth Development and National Service needs to forge greater links with youth and business organizations to understand and address the challenges faced by young people in the world of work.


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