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Peter George: The business community feels that it is being threatened by the Government on vaccination issue

Aug 3, 2021 | 0 comments

The business community feels that it is being threatened by the Government, this according to Restaurateur Peter George.
He says that the Government’s most recent push to have citizens vaccinated will affect employees who choose not to get the jab.
George claimed that there is a veiled threat by the Government that if workers are not vaccinated businesses will not be reopened.
Speaking on the Power Breakfast Show this morning, George revealed that while many business owners are hesitant to speak publicly on the matter there is concern among the business community.

He maintained that while it’s not a threat in the most sinister sense, information from the Government’s vaccination drive does suggest a negative outcome if workers are not vaccinated.

He stated that based on this he felt that there was no other choice but to insist that workers get vaccinated before coming out to work.

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