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It’s Parang Season. These Are The Songs That Make A ‘True Trini Christmas.’

Oct 26, 2021 | 0 comments

So here’s the scoop! There’s no Christmas like a Trini Christmas. The commercial Christmas that’s always symbolically associated with shopping, tonnes of toys and a table full of Christmas dishes like Ham, Turkey and stuffing, pales in comparison to a Christmas experience in the Caribbean where at the heart of it all is the music.

For those who aren’t familiar, the pre-Christmas, parang season begins in mid-October and ends around January 6th. Those who deliver the music that we refer to as parang, called paranderos, are known to take their spirit and sweet music from house to house, annually in Trinidad and Tobago, delivering an atmosphere of happiness, togetherness and the joy of the good Trini Christmas lime. While much of the traction has plummeted with the passage of time, areas in Trinidad like Arima, Santa Cruz, St. Joseph, Caura, Mausica, Lopinot, San Raphael, Rio Claro and Paramin stay true to it all. Out of the traditional parang music has spawned Soca parang, which is an energetic mix of the traditional Spanish influenced sound, lyrics and rhythm, with the solely Trinbagonain carnival centric, up-tempo, soca beat and lyrical accompaniment. Nothing beats the culmination of both soca parang and traditional parang at Christmas time.

Here are a few of our favourite Soca Parang and Traditional parang songs. Let us know which is your favourite in the comments below. 

Daisy Voisin and La Divina Pastora – ‘Alegria’

Flores de San Jose – Si Yo Pudiera (1988)

Los Alumnos de San Juan – ‘Cantando Gloria’

Alicia Jaggasar – ‘Rio Manzanare’

Sharlene Flores with Flores De San Jose- ‘Spanish Confusion’

Scrunter – ‘Piece Ah Pork’


Baron – ‘It’s Christmas Again’

Kenny J. – ‘De Paint Brush’

These are just a few of the many Parang and Soca Parang songs that have been delivered by countless Trinbagonian artistes and musicians over the years. We know there are many of them that you absolutely love to hear annually. Here’s hoping we’ve put you in a great mood with these the we’ve shared.

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