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Dr. Fuad Khan: “Fully open the economy and the unvaccinated will have to stand the consequences of their choices”

Sep 2, 2021 | 0 comments

Former health Minister Dr. Fuad Khan is speaking out about the unvaccinated persons in the country. Dr. Khan said the government of Trinidad and Tobago has , moved heaven and earth to access four types of vaccines on behalf of the people of Trinidad and Tobago. He said the time has come for the government to fully reopen the economy since there are enough vaccines to vaccinate at least 800 thousand people in Trinidad and Tobago .He said if the unvaccinated become ill from covid -19, they have to stand the consequences of their ‘irresponsible choices’.
He said the time has come for people in the country to be more responsible, and if you choose not to take the vaccine and you die, ‘then those who die, will have to die’:

He said apparently people in Trinidad and Tobago are not listening and the Prime Minister is ‘molly coddling’ the population, and it’s only when people or their family die, then they rush to get vaccinated, as we are seeing in Jamaica presently.

Dr. Khan also said that the vaccine plateau that Trinidad and Tobago is experiencing is because people are protesting the draconian restrictions currently in place and some in the population are using their choices not to take vaccines as a show of protest.

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