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COP Gary Griffith -More roadblocks and police patrols from tonight

Aug 2, 2021 | 0 comments

In light of increased road traffic and congestion in many area COP Gary Griffith, promises that the TTPS will be increasing and intensifying patrols/roadblocks starting before the 9:00pm curfew tonight. COP Griffith has noticed an increase in vehicular traffic two hours prior to the start of the daily 9 pm curfew, with many motorists racing to beat the curfew in some instances driving dangerously.

Griffith added since the start of the State of Emergency (SOE)and the curfew, police officers have encountered many motorists racing to get home with all sorts of ridiculous excuses. Also a dangerous development according to the CoP, is the consumption of alcohol over the prescribed limit and while racing to get to their destinations.

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