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Power 102 LOGOPower 102fm, broadcasting from Abercromby Street in Port of Spain, has been focused on providing breaking and developing local news for its audience since 1997.  With its dynamic team of reporters, NewsPower established itself as the nation’s leader in reporting current affairs and being first on the scene with Live accounts of events as they happened.

Soon, Power 102fm was noted as the source for local news, with coverage of Crime, Politics, Protests, Sports, and Human Interest stories. Their reporters and presenters were noted for being out in the field engaging the hot topic of the day and bringing it Live to the listeners. One remembers such groundbreaking events such as live interviews amidst gunshots from crime-affected areas as police try to contain the volatile situation. A presenter taking over a Govt press conference about the construction industry and even offering the speaker a cough drop so he can answer the burning questions, an impromptu fundraiser for a critically ill young girl which brought the nation to tears. Who can forget events such as a Live interview with a religious leader, accused of having someone murdered only to have his interview end up as testimony in court, or a reformed criminal who brought in inmates and have them relay the excruciating circumstances of their lifestyle?  Such events have branded Power 102fm’s news team, affectionately dubbed “News Power”, as a true reflection of the nation’s voice and is still revered as the leader in news and current affairs.

Power 102fm’s On Air programming and interviews have continued to develop breaking news and bring them to the listener. The focus is to research all aspects and angles of what is current and have it open for the audience to discuss. With the establishment of their website Power 102fm sought to again challenge and enlighten the audience on a different medium.

“News Power” now invites you to turn to us for all your Trinidad & Tobago News, get involved and share you voice and opinions, leave your comments and continue to send us your ideas and information.

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