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18-year-old arrested – gun seized in Diego Martin

Jul 20, 2021 | 0 comments

Police arrested an 18-year-old Diego Martin man for being in possession of a firearm and ammunition. The suspect was arrested Sunday, during an Operation Strike Back 3 exercise which was conducted in Diego Martin.

Around 5 pm on Sunday 18th July, 2021, officers stopped and searched a man at Unity Road, Rich Plain, Diego Martin. The officers found a glock 21 pistol loaded with 13 rounds of nine-millimetre ammunition tucked away in the waist of his pants. The officers took possession of the firearm and the man was arrested.

Officers also found 62 grammes of marijuana at an abandoned lot situated off Pregnancy Lane, La Puerta, Four Roads, during the operation.

The exercise was headed by Snr Supt Kelvern Thompson, coordinated by Ag/Sgt Carmona, supervised by Cpl Edwards, Ag/Cpl Dominique, and included PC Mc Clean, PC Rogers, PC Genty, PC Sahadath, PC Roberts and PC Peltier.

PC Roberts is continuing enquires.


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